Tractor and Barrel Trolleys

The tractor trolleys, approved to travel on the road with a full load weight of 14000 kg, are available in 8m/8.5m/9mversion
Standard equipment:

  • Handwheel for the parking brake
  • Hydraulic piston for the inclination of the trolley plane
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic braking system
  • Lighting system
  • Manual / hydraulic support foot.
  • We can also furnish new or regenerated

Agricultural Scraper

Used for moving land in both agricultural and industrial fields, the scraper allows the effective consolidation of several plots. There are two models: SD600 and SD800, which feature latest generation features.

By means of an articulated arm, the rear carriage can absorb differences in height of 210 mm between one wheel and the other, keeping the load horizontal.
On request:

  • Hydraulic graduated rod for receiver
  • Road vehicle licensing
  • Lighting system
  • Reinforced blade with interchangeable teeth of gears
  • Solenoid valve for hydraulic barrel control.

Laser Level Silver Duck

We can furnish versions of this level: 5 or 6 meters, extendable to the maximun lenght of 7 meters.
The laser level is equipped with:

  • EC legislation
  • Hydraulic locking and opening
  • 6 wheels
  • Hydraulic telescopic opening
  • receiving shaft
  • Junction attack
  • Lateral

Broadcast Spreader Trolleys

This EC marked piece of agricultural equipment allows the fertilizer spreader to be transported, thus allowing a greater load capacity.

Equipped with manual foot and platform with galvanized ladder, the trolley is suitable for any model of fertilizer spreader, with the possibility of having it hydraulic or manual.



Hydraulic Jacks

This piece of equipment is EC marked, and it has got a warranty on the construction materials.

It is much more maneuverable thanks to the air-inflated wheels that allow you to position the tractor lift with a minimum effort in the desired position. The special hydraulic pistons perform all the lifting work.


The crampon allows the vehicle to have a greater friction on the ground. There are two models:

  • MANUAL: it rests directly on the rubber and it is manually opened by the operator. The crampon is equipped with steel pads with ridge (it can also be fitted with a safety rim);
  • HIDRAULIC: it does not rest directly on the rubber and the opening is hydraulically regulated by means of an hydraulic jacks on the tractor. It can be supplied with one or two pistons.

Lifting Arm

Suitable for moving fertilizers and seeds, the lifting arm has a maximum capacity of 1000 kg.
It is Equipped with adjustable distribution valves for the pistons and of a telescopic arm with a tip for immediate hooking.
The measures of this lifting arm are:
5,80 mt length, charging weight 10quintals, closed charging wheigt 12 quintals.

Leveling Axis

The leveling axis is equipped with 2 faces on the opening and the closing of the wings for the road transport, in addition to another one that allows to regulate the incidence corner of the blade on the field; the last lateral piston is used to control the rotation corner of the leveling axis compared to the progress direction.
There are 3 models of the leveling axis, each one of them has different characteristics:

  • AS6 670kg, 6000mm (width)
  • AS7 700kg, 7000mm (width)
  • AS8 730 Kg, 8000mm (width)
  • The lenght for the transport reach 2450mm; the minimum requirements of the driving tractor are: minimum mass 2500 Kg, minimum power 60 CV.


The harrow presents a simple but solid construction and it is available in the light version (Classic) and the heavy one (Maxi) and mount special bearings.

The mechanical trees are mounted on steel bearing and high resistance cast iron spheroidal support; this allow to maintain during the work phase the progress speed with great performances and the use possibility for:

  • Straw landfield
  • Minimum processing
  • Post-laser harrowing
  • Mincing
On the harrow it is possible to implement any version of a roller (we advice the one with spikes), and it use blade of 45 cm.

Mincing Roller

The mincing roller allows to break the plot of ground.

The widths are based on the request of the customer machinery.

The micing roller is equipped with self cleaning discs.

Plough Banks

Used for the breaking and the reconstruction of new levees, it presentes an high work capacity and a low wear.

The hydraulic piston allowes to operate from both sides of the ways without any manual direct use; furthermore the third-point, mechanical or hydraulic, allowes to have a different finishing of the levee.

Alternatively to the plowshare of the plough, it can be mounted a disk in order to break the field or a levee hydraulic breaker (3 IN 1)

Optional "3 in 1"

Grove Opener

Complete with hydraulic piston and spring return.
Suitable for any tractor type.

Rear Foldable Paddle

Our paddle is equipped with hydraulic system with 2 pistons, with a renforced structure with rollover upto 90°. The width is available from 1,60mt to 2,20mt.

Rear Levelling Blade

It has a 3 metres width, can be set up with or without springs (the version with springs is also used for snow).

The robust hydraulic piston allows the operator to make trim adjustments directly from the towing vehicle. The blade rotates 360 ° thanks to the piston with an exchange valve.

The width of the blade can also be of different sizes according to customer requirements.

Front Levelling Blade

The SRDB front snow blades, from 3mt to 3,40mt width (with possibility of variations), complies with the European Directive 2006/42/ EC (machine directive), a specific regulation for the use on the road. It has two independent sections connected to the front of the vehicle by means of a three-point attachment.

The scraping blade, which is subject to wear, is easily replaceable and can be made of special steel, Teflon or rubber according to the type of work to be carried out.

It is also possible to equip the blade with a removable upper blade. By using special hydraulic jacks, which can be operated directly when using the blade, the angle can be changed during machining.