Iron and Rubber Tracks

All the crawler tracks for harvester produced by the SABATINO S.R.L Company are realized with high quality material. The SABATINO S.R.L Company pays a lot of importance to the reliability of the machine and to make its assembling as easy as possible.
The crawler tracks are designed to make the use of the harvester possible on harsh terrains (i.e. Rice fields, which are normally covered by water or they are particularly muddy). The tires used for the crawler tracks guarantee a safe and comfortable use of the harvester on the road, avoiding the usual damages occurring when using a traditional crawler track.
The harvester to which the track will be connected can be simple or with double traction. Sabatino Srl will take care of all the procedures needed to obtain the correct dimensional ratio between the wheels of the rear axle and the track related to the front axle of the harvester. This, to ensure the traction characteristics and avoiding the danger of damage of the transmission itself.
If the harvester will be used in condition of reduced visibility it has to be prepared an lighting system and it has to be used the one furnished with the machine itself.
The harvester equipped with the crawler track can not travel by road.
Our tracks are mounted with chains and rollers BERCO.

We can manufacture different kind of tracks, iron made or rubber, with different specifications.



Solid, compact and extremely versatile track. Suitable for all types of combine harvesters including heavier models

The rubber band can be 762 or 915 mm.

  • Total steel structure
  • Carriage 3 or 4 rollers
  • Rollers and wheels with rubber strucuture (polyurethane on request)
  • Flucutating rollers on mechanical bars
  • Nitrogen accumulator
  • Rubber band of 762 or 915mm
  • Drive wheel – 23 pegs
  • Direct fixing to the machine gearbox

Evolution Track 2.0

The rubber track represents an important stef forward in the agricultural field: indeed, the usage of rubber chains, that replace the old iron covers, allow the usae of the agricultural machinery also in difficult fields and also to travel by roads, with a simple a quick mounting.

The Evolution Track 2,0 model has been constructed by using only certified products and tested made in Italy. The raw materials are first choice (bushing, buffers, etc.), varnished structure and galvanised.

  • Total steel structure
  • Carriage – 3 or 4 rollers
  • Rollers and wheels with rubber structure
  • Fluctuating rollers on mechanical bars
  • Hydraulic upright lifting with nitrogen damper
  • Drive wheel- 23 pegs
  • Ditect fixing to the machine gearbox


Easy Track

The EASY TRACK is studied for lighter harvester and can be mounted with 3 o 4 rollers.

The particularity of this kind of track is it’s capacity to contain better the weight of the machinery itself.

The rubber chain can be 762mm or 915mm.
The track could be with 8 or 10 holes.

EASY TRACK is designed for lighter combines and can be mounted with 3 or 4 rollers

Super Rubber Track

The rubber tracks allows the machine to move very quickly on the long distances. Another important detail are the vibrations (that exists in the iron track instad), that here reduced up to 0, this to prevent every damage.

The track is constructed by rubber rollers and by one steel drive wheel; it uses a draught mechanism with an nitrogen pyston (centralized) and the engine mechanism conferred to a metallic wheel fixed to the gearbox.

The structure with support pole allows the balancing of the machine weights in order to better manage combine harvesters without double traction

Also, the machine presents the same connections of metal plate to the gearbox and axle belowthe machine.


SRDB Track

Our tracks are mounted with a cylinder with 23 springs that are functioning like a damper. Each track is bushed and, as an optional, you can require the addition of a three-point connection for the transport of the machinery.
There are 3 different models available:

  • SRDB Track 6
  • SRDB Track 7
  • SRDB Track 7 special (8 roller)